Weepor Click Vaporizer Review

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Weepor Click Vaporizer

Weepor Click vaporizer has a 400mAh inbuilt battery with preheat mode, an LED display, a spring-loaded folding 510-thread cartridge adaptor, and regulated power from 2.8V to 4.0V.

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Design & Durability

Bee Master Vape Key Features

  • Compatible with 510 thread THC & CBD Cartridges
  • Concealable, compact and portable
  • Variable voltage: 2.8V – 3.4V – 4.0V
  • Flip out cartridge

Weepor Vaporizer Build Quality

The internal battery capacity of the Weepor Click is 400mAh, and it contains a processor with three levels of voltage output and built-in protection. Weepor Click has a single button that must be pressed five times to turn it on or off, three times to change the voltage, twice to start the 15-second preheat mode (which can be stopped with a single click), and once more to fire. The Weepor Click has a pass-through feature and a micro-USB connector on the side of the device that may be used to charge the device. The user’s preferred ornamental lanyard or the provided wrist strap can be mounted using the lanyard holes on the bottom. The Weepor Click is the best “vape pen” for concentration carts thanks to its covert design and controlled power!

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