The Ultimate Guide to Vape Coils: Unraveling the Mysteries of Your Vape


Vape coils are the heart of any vape device, responsible for heating up your e-liquid and turning it into the flavorful vapor you enjoy. But for many vapers, especially beginners, coils remain a mystery. How do they work? How do you choose the right one? And how often should you replace them? This ultimate guide to vape coils aims to answer these questions and more.

Understanding Vape Coils: The Basics

Vape coils, also known as atomizer heads or just coils, are small assemblies of wire and wicking material located within your vape’s tank. When you activate your device, the battery sends power to the coil, which heats up and vaporizes the e-liquid soaked into the wick.

Different Types of Vape Coils

Standard Coils

Standard coils, also known as regular or round wire coils, are the simplest type. They’re made from a single strand of wire wrapped in a spiral, resembling the coil on a traditional stovetop.

Clapton Coils

Clapton coils, named after their resemblance to a guitar string, consist of a large gauge wire wrapped with a smaller gauge wire. These coils have a larger surface area, which can produce more vapor and enhance flavor.

Mesh Coils

Mesh coils replace the traditional wire with a thin strip of metal mesh, offering an even larger surface area for increased vapor production and more intense flavor.

How to Choose the Right Coil

When choosing a coil, consider the following factors:


Coils can be made from various materials, including Kanthal (most common), stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. The material will influence the coil’s performance and compatibility with different vape modes (like temperature control).


Coil resistance, measured in ohms, affects how much heat the coil produces. Lower resistance (sub-ohm) coils produce more vapor and flavor but use more power. Higher resistance coils conserve battery but produce less vapor.

Vape Device Compatibility

Not all coils are compatible with all vape devices. Make sure to choose a coil that fits your device and meets its power requirements.

Maintaining Your Vape Coils

To keep your coil performing well, prime it before first use by applying a few drops of e-liquid directly to the wick. Regularly clean your tank to remove residue that can build up and degrade the coil.

When to Replace Your Coil

A coil’s lifespan depends on how often you vape and the type of e-liquid you use. Generally, coils should be replaced every 1-4 weeks. Signs that it’s time for a new coil include a burnt taste, decreased vapor production, or leakage.


Understanding vape coils can enhance your vaping experience, helping you to choose the right coil for your needs and maintain it properly for optimal performance. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vaper, we hope this guide has illuminated the integral role coils play in your vaping journey. Remember, vape smart, and enjoy the clouds!

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