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Battery Safety

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When talking about battery safety there are a few basic rules, and these are: Do not overcharge or over-discharge Recharge batteries with a resting voltage below 3.3-3.1 volts as soon as possible Do not short circuit your batteries Do not let your batteries touch each other or other metallic items Do not dispose any battery in […]

599 Reasons Why Vaping is Better Than Smoking

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A lot of research has now been done on vaping and the biggest point of focus here is health benefit or the possible risk. There has been a study done by scientists from San Diego State University which looked at 300 households with at least one smoker and one under 14 year old. They placed particle […]

What is the Tobacco Products Directive?

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Most of you have been reading up about the new rules of the of the TPD. But for the ones out there that don’t know I’ll be writing a short piece including the new rules and regulations. I have requested an over the phone interview with someone from the government to ask questions but they […]

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