Are you up for the #Vapetober Challenge?

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Most people have heard of Stoptober, the October smoking cessation campaign to help people to quit smoking, by offering extra help, tools and advice throughout the month. Quitting smoking cold turkey might not be right, or possible for everyone, Vapetober is a great solution to help people make a healthier choice. This Vapetober our at […]

UK VapeFest Awards – 2017

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California Cigarette Sales Drop

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Cigarette sales in California take a significant hit following new tax implementation. Californians voted in favour of Proposition 56 back in November 2016. The levy on tobacco products resulted in a $2 tax increase per cigarette pack and many have said that the increase was a successful smoking deterrent, as cigarette sales have taken a […]

‘Vaping Trends in Adolescents’ Research Approved

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The University of Leicester will soon begin research into the vaping trends among UK adolescents. ‘Adolescent Vaping Careers’ is the title of a new study to be funded by Cancer Research UK, aiming to look closer into the vaping trend amongst young people. The study, led by researcher Professor Jason Hughes, will explore whether vaping […]

E-Cigarettes Less Addictive Than Cigarettes

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PATH study confirms that e-cigarettes are less addictive than cigarettes. Many studies have already proved that e-cigarettes are a significant amount safer than smoking tobacco, but bad publicity and misinformation in mainstream media perpetuates negative ideology towards vaping, leaving many health experts eagerly awaiting the first results from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) study, […]

San Francisco Flavour Ban

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San Francisco Bay Area to push a ban on flavoured E-Liquids. An attempted ban of flavoured e-liquid is currently being fought by the vape community in the San Francisco Bay Area. A passage of law has launched the attack on flavoured liquids, defining e-cigarettes and liquid that contains nicotine as “tobacco products”. The Bay Area […]

Irish Prisons To Allow Inmates To Vape

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A new smoking policy is currently being finalized in Ireland that could see electronic cigarettes make their way to prisoners who are keen to stop smoking whilst incarcerated. has published an article stating that a recent court case saw a lawyer contesting the case of an inmate who had requested an electronic cigarette as […]

June’s Global Forum on Nicotine Coming to Warsaw

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The Global Forum on Nicotine is set to be a success in Poland this June. From the 15th to the 17th of June, Warsaw will be hosting the fourth Global Forum on Nicotine. The international conference in the Polish capital has become a hive of discussion and debates on the use of low-risk nicotine products […]

Global Vape Market to Reach $47billion by 2025

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The vape market is expected to grow rapidly, reaching a value of $47billion by 2025. A market intelligence report published by Business Intelligence and Strategy Research has offered a very interesting insight into the future of the vaping industry. The primary aim of Bis Research, a global market intelligence and advisory firm, is to investigate […]

Air Sampling Reports No Harmful Chemicals in Secondhand Vapour

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Public Health Expert confirms that there is no reasonable evidence to suggest secondhand vaping ‘poses any significant health hazard to bystanders. Air sampling has been carried out in vape shops throughout California as part of the state’s Department of Public Health initiative to investigate the health effects of exposure to secondhand vapour. Dr Michael Siegel, […]

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